In Memoriam: Beverly Frances “Fran” Smith


GraphicText Box: Fran in the pool in Phuket, Thailand, May 2006

On July 21, 2007, Beverly Frances “Fran” Smith passed away of pancreatic cancer.  Fran was an avid SCUBA diver, a creative jewelry designer and a loving mother and friend.  An active member of’s Diver to Diver (D2D)message board (SCFran), Fran developed friendships with divers across the country, both in person and online at D2D.  Her posts were characterized by her intelligence, humor, warmth and passion for the ocean and everything in it. Her signature line for her posts was memorable “ Life is short, Frannie….don’t wait too long to do something you really want to do—My Daddy.”

During her diving career, Fran traveled to Florida numerous times, North and South Carolina, the Solomon’s Islands, the Bahamas, Bonaire, Saba, Mexico and Thailand, sharing her love of diving and her joy in discovering the world both above and below the sea. 

Fran left a daughter, Anissa and a brother and sister.



In memory of Fran, a memorial fund has been started to raise enough money to have an Eternal Reef placed in Fran’s memory in South Florida.  Her ashes will become part of the reefs she loved so much.